Common Threads: Intergenerational Dialogue Series

Common threads

Common Threads is a program of the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute designed to bring individuals together from diverse backgrounds to dialogue about what we have in common.  The Fall 2020 program is an series of intergenerational dialogues with Ithaca College students and community members around important topics.   These hour-long virtual sessions include a short presentation by a subject expert followed by small group discussion opportunities.  

Mindfulness (Mary Ann Erickson, PHD)
September 21, 7-8 PM

Media Literacy (Cyndy Scheibe, PHD)
September 29,  7 -8 PM

Social Isolation (Jessica Valdez-Taves, MSOTR/L)
October 5, 7 -8 PM

Ageism  (Elizabeth Bergman, PHD)
October 20,  7-8 PM

Racism (Belisa Gonzalez, PhD)
October 26, 7-8PM

Mentoring (Shirley M. Collado, PhD)
November 10, 7-8PM


"Every generation, until they educate themselves, thinks that their experience is unique."

Brent Staples, New York Times Editorial Board Member and racial justice activist.