Comments about the Partnership

Student Comments:

“Volunteering (at Longview) has become a part of who I am, and my experiences will always be with me throughout my life.”

“I feel as though I really had the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others and that many of the older adults and other volunteers in the program have made an impact on my life.”

“I learned that older adults know a lot of information about their health and are eager to learn more.”

“Longview helped me realize that yes, normal aging does bring about some health changes, but many seniors live a very fulfilling life.”

“Longview has taught me a lot about interacting with older adults. Their love for learning is inspiring.”

“One of the most important realizations which I have come to is that all elderly people are different-that every older individual is unique.”

“Volunteering at Longview has given me the opportunity to create lasting friendships and bonds with the residents, staff, and other volunteers.”

Faculty Comments:

“Excellent experience for students”

“The partnership with Longview has allowed me as an instructor to engage the students at a much greater level.”

“My students benefited greatly.”

“The LV staff were excellent partners in this learning experience.”

“There is so much more to learning about being a health care professional than what you can get out of the classroom and books. Interpersonal interactions are something no one can teach but can be developed as a student interacts with Longview residents.”

Resident Comments:

“We are very lucky to be so close to these wonderful students. They are so warm and kind. The students of Ithaca College do so many things for us.”

“It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. They learn from our life experiences, which are many and varied. Some think of us as surrogate grandparents."

“I feel very fortunate to have so much contact with young people. Many of us do not have any young family members nearby.”

“It is indeed a unique and rewarding association for all ages.”

“My life is full and satisfying thanks to the partnership. A day doesn't go by that I don't encourage others to take advantage of the facilities across the road.”

“One of the main reasons I chose Longview was its proximity to IC and the reciprocal agreement you have with us.”

“I find the students to be challenging, supportive, and fun to be with.”

Female student with older woman
The Longview/IC Partnership: Guiding Student Futures

“I can truly tell you that I am in the field I am today, as a life enrichment director at an assisted living facility, because of my time spent working with Harold at Longview.” — Sabrina Higgins ’09

“I served on the Longview Ithacare Board while I was a senior at IC…I learned a lot about the business side of the gerontology field, which was a new experience for me.” —Vicki Centurelli ’12

“Service learning and Longview have really prepared me for this, really given me the tools for this.” —Rachel Stephenson ’14, commenting on having been awarded a Hartford fellowship for Binghamton University’s MSW program for fall 2014