Thoughts about the New Rowing Center

Matt Kurz 14, Exercise ScienceMatt Kurz 14, Exercise Science

I joined the crew team in the fall of my freshman year and went on to a very successful season with my boat. The old boathouse provided me with a safe place to get away from classes and a spot where I knew my friends would always be. But it did have its downsides, especially during winter training, when it got pretty cramped with all the rowers indoors working out at the same time. Although the coaches did a phenomenal job of organizing the workouts to make the most of our space, we were still pretty jammed.

I can't wait for winter training in the new facility. We won't have to use paint cans as weights, and we'll have a proper space to train in. And the new boathouse will provide a spot -- with men's and women's bathrooms, believe it or not -- where I will be able to get away from schoolwork for a couple hours to bond with my team. I feel the new boathouse will help the team continue to improve on its success, and I can't wait for construction to be complete.