Thoughts about the New Rowing Center

Becky Robinson '88, M.S. '94, Head Coach, Women's CrewBecky Robinson '88, M.S. '94, Head Coach, Women's Crew

The impact that the new facility will have on the rowing program will be immeasurable. I don't even know where to begin. The coaches have been talking about the need for more space since the late '90s, and anyone who spent time in the Haskell Davidson Boathouse understands how wonderful it will be to have more than one bathroom. That aside, the Robert B. Tallman Rowing Center is beyond what anyone could have even imagined. This project, which started out of need, became an opportunity to showcase Ithaca College downtown. A special thanks and appreciation goes out to all of the alumni, family, and friends of the crew program who contributed to this campaign.

I've had the opportunity to work closely with the architects, offering ideas and suggestions through all phases of the design. The coaching staff provided a wish list to the architects, and almost all our wants have been accommodated. In addition to the three boat bays, Ward will have a 400-square-foot workshop to work his magic. There will even be a heated paint closet for all that epoxy and paint he uses to make boat repairs. The southeast corner of the boathouse has been specifically designed for the coxswains. There will be shelves for the cox boxes and other electronics, and each shelf will have 10 outlets and space to hang the microphones.

The mezzanine was born out of a visit to the Binghamton boathouse, where a loft for ergometers is located over the bathrooms. The HOLT architects brilliantly created a 1,200-square-foot mezzanine that utilizes the high portion of the roof line and the eyebrow window. I couldn't be more excited about a space. But more than anything, I'm looking forward to the increased storage and being able to walk around the boathouse during that prepractice hour without bumping into everyone.

This is a program-changing project. From the pride to the support to the image. It will be an ideal home for the crew family, past, present, and future.