Students and Faculty Attend IABC Heritage Region's 2007 Conference

October 14-16, a few of our members headed to the IABC Heritage Region's 2007 conference, a gathering of communication professionals in the northeast. The conference brings together professional communicators from both industry and academia to share their thoughts on the current communication climate and to discuss goals and challenges for the future.

Ithaca College's group included graduate students Steve Codner, Marieke Enseleit, Hugh Hou, Tara Anne Rothberg, and Caroline Wells, as well as Professor Cory Young.

The conference included

  • 17 Breakout Sessions
  • 2 In-depth Sessions
  • 4 Keynote Presentations

It covered topics such as

  • crisis communications
  • change management
  • branding
  • research and measurement
  • employee communications
  • social media
  • public relations
  • writing
  • communication leadership
  • today’s media demands
  • consulting

Students who went enjoyed the ability to hear from professionals who are dealing with the issues discussed in classes, as well as the enthusiasm for IABC members to get to know them and make a connection.

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