Information for Current Students

Apply for degree

If you plan to graduate for the next graduation date (August, December, May), you need to apply for your degree on the registrar's website. If you applied previously but now expect to graduate later, you need to apply for your degree again, setting a new estimated date. Scroll down, and fill out the form. If your plans change again, and your graduation date will be delayed further, you can out the form again.

Comprehensive Exams

Monday, August 26, 2019

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Exams will only be offered on the scheduled dates. Please plan ahead. All requests for alternate dates will be refused.

Meet in Room 2330; In January, April and July, History 10am-12:30pm, Theory 1-3:30pm. In August, History 12:45-3:15, Theory 3:30-6:00.
No appointment or reservation needed for the history and theory exams. No electronic devices allowed at the exam.

Sight-singing exams must be arranged by appointment: The material for the prepared portion of the sight singing exam is at the end of the the Theory and Sight Singing Comprehensive Exam Study Guide (click link below).


Thesis Guidelines for Composition Students

Your thesis must be submitted to the library in electronic format. Save your score as a PDF file. Be sure to include a title page at the beginning of the work. A sample title page can be found on the "Graduate Comprehensive Exam Study Guides and Comp Thesis Materials" link above this section. If you wish, you may include a page listing instrumentation, performance instructions, and a description of the work after the title page. Please include the title page, and any other printed pages along with the score in a single PDF document. Also required is a Signature Page. A blank signature page also can be found at the link above. Download the blank page and type in your name. Then print out the page and submit the document to your thesis advisor. Once all the signatures are collected, the document will be returned to you. Scan the signed copy and then submit it to the library as a separate PDF. Thus, you will submit two PDFs to the library: the signature page, and your score (including title page and other information).

The link below will take you to the library webpage where you will upload your thesis and signature page. On the right side of the page is a box entitled "Theses at IC." Click the link on the sentence "Students can upload their thesis and signature page with signatures" to access the form and gateway for the upload. Fill in the information and upload your thesis and signature page.


Graduate Independent Research and Course Override forms