Summer Graduate Music Session

2017 Course Offerings

MUED 65400-31 Portfolio and Presentation I, 1.0 credit
by arrangement

MUED 65500-31 Portfolio and Presentation II, 1.0 credit
by arrangement  

MUED 68000-31 Psychology of Music Teaching, Chad West, 3.0 credits

MUED 68200-31 Seminar in Music Education, Keith Kaiser, 3.0 credits

MUED 54000 Choral Rehearsal and Vocal Techniques, Susan Avery, 2.0 credits

MUED 54200 Materials and Rehearsal Techniques for the School Orchestra, James Mick, 2.0 credits

MUED 69710-31 Woodwind Performance and Pedagogy, Matt Clauhs, 1.0 credits

MUED 69711-31 Music For Life, Keith Kaiser, 1.0 credits

MUED 69712-31 Popular Music Pedagogy, Bryan Powell, 1.0 credits

MUED 69701-31 Curricular Development, Susan Avery, 2.0 credits

MUED 69708-31 Music Education for the Learner with Special Needs, Mara Culp, 2 credits

MUED 69709-31 Teaching Music Through Garage Band, Matt Clauhs, 2 credits

MUEN 60900-31 Chorus, Susan Avery, 1.0 credit

MUTH 50100-31 Intensive Part-Writing and Analysis, Peter Silberman, 2.0 credits

MUTH 54100-31 Music from 1800-the present, Mark Radice, 3.0 credits

MUTH 65200-32 Bibliography and Research in Music, 3.0 credits K. Shanton

PFMJ 60100 to 64500-31 Graduate Performance Study, 1.0 credit/2.0 credits
by arrangement