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The ITI faculty offer a wide variety of approaches to the written and visual arts. All are working contemporary artists who publish and exhibit their work in national and international contexts. Our faculty are dedicated to innovative approaches and traditions that value psychologically, culturally and politically engaged work.

Jason Livingston

Jason Livingston

Faculty & Fellows 2018

Jason Livingston is a film and video maker currently based in Iowa City, IA, working with the Department of Cinematic Arts at the University of Iowa. A teacher, writer, and occasional programmer, he has worked with many non-profits, including Cornell Cinema, the Experimental TV Center, the Standby Program and others. He is currently on the Board of Trustees with the Flaherty Seminar. His award-winning work has screened widely, including Rotterdam, Anthology Film Archives, the Austrian Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and more. Under Foot & Overstory is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, and Lake Affect is available through Electronic Arts Intermix as part of the Experimental Television Center DVD boxed set.