Graduate Music Session
June 29 to July 31, 2020

Classes meet Monday through Friday. Check Homer for specific meeting times. No classes are held on our reading day (Monday, July 27).

(MUED 54000) partially replaced by MUED 69707, Materials  for the Public School Wind Band, Ben Rochford, 1.0 credit
(MUED 54200) partially replaced by MUED 69708, Materials for the School Orchestra, James Mick, 1.0 credits
MUED 65200 Process-folio and Presentation I (Seminar), Keith Kaiser, 1.0 credit
MUED 65400 Process-folio and Presentation II, 1.0 credit
by arrangement
MUED 65500 Process-folio and Presentation III, 1.0 credit
by arrangement
MUED 68000 Psychology of Music Teaching, Susan Avery, 3.0 credits
MUED 68200 Seminar in Music Education, Keith Kaiser, and Radio Cremata, 3.0 credits
MUED 69701 Topics for the General Music Classroom, Beatrice Olesko, 2.0 credits
MUED 69702, Culturally Affirming Approaches in the General Music Classroom, Baruch Whitehead, 1.0 credits
MUED 69703, Assessment and Evaluation Practices in Music, Susan Avery, 1.0 credit
MUED 69704, Teaching Music through Online Digital Audio Workstations, Matthew Clauhs, 2.0 credits
MUED 69705, Empowering Students Through Choral Music, Janet Galvan, 2 credits
MUED  69706, Advanced Instrumental Techniques Virtual Instruments, Matthew Clauhs, 1.0 credits
MUEN 60900 Chorus, Sean Linfors, 1.0 credit
MUTH 57500 Stylistic Analysis of Post-Tonal Music, Les Black, 2.0 credits
MUTH 54100 Music from 1600-1800, TBD, 3.0 credits
MUTH 65200 Bibliography and Research in Music, K. Shanton, 3.0 credits

PFMJ 60100 to 64500 Graduate Performance Study, 1.0 credit
by arrangement