Spring 2021 Health Resources & COVID-19 Prevention

The latest updates and information about changes to services and resources on campus as we respond to COVID-19.

Appointments and Hours

CAPS will remain remote for the semester and will utilize HIPPA-compliant telehealth appointments. There will be a counselor available on campus during CAPS hours to see patients in-person who may be experiencing crisis.

The Center for Health Promotion will remain remote and will utilize telehealth appointments.

Nurse triage phone calls will be used to screen students for symptoms of COVID-19 and to determine appointment type needed. HIPAA-compliant telehealth appointments will be used when appropriate.  Students will not enter the building unless they have a scheduled appointment to avoid time spent in the waiting room. The outer doors of the building will be locked, and students will call the health center main number when they arrive to be greeted by our staff and to be taken to an exam room.

In order to avoid frequent contact with high touch surfaces during check-in, students with scheduled appointments will be able to check in and complete any pre-visit questionnaires or surveys through the MyICHealthCenter web portal utilizing their own mobile devices. We will turn off check-in kiosks.  We will limit the use of I-Pads for Point and Click check-in or Point and Click Consent to the absolute minimum necessary. Any I-Pads used will be disinfected between students with appropriate EPA wipes.

  • The Hammond Health Center hours are 8am-5pm Monday- Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • CAPS hours are 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday. After-hours On-Call counselors are available 5 PM to 8:30 AM, Monday through Friday, and 24/7 on weekends/holidays/whenever CAPS is closed. Please call the CAPS phone number and follow the prompts.

 Unfortunately, no visitors will be allowed in the building at this time.

Medicar services are available limited hours Monday - Friday. Please call Hammond Health Center 607-274-3177 to schedule a ride to an off-campus appointment. 

Allergy Shots, Flu Shots, and Other Services

Allergy shots will be available to students but, unfortunately, will not be available for faculty and staff at this time.

Yes. We strongly recommend all students receive their flu shot prior to arrival.  The health center will also have flu shots available to students if needed.

We recommend students bring a thermometer, ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin), acetaminophen (Tylenol), Band-Aids, cough drops, masks, and hand-sanitizer.

Yes, will utilize telehealth visits whenever possible. If we see large numbers of COVID-19 cases, our ability to continue to offer some of our services may be affected.

Yes, however the visits will be virtual appointments.


No, due to the potential risks of COVID-19 aerosolization with nebulizer usage, we will not offer nebulizer treatments at the health center. We will utilize albuterol metered dose inhalers. Students who utilize albuterol should bring their metered dose inhaler (and spacer if available) with them, including extra inhalers or prescription refills if possible.

Yes, via telehealth.

Yes, Ithaca College has arranged for several private spaces on campus for confidential telemedicine appointments with Hammond Health Center providers, CAPS counselors, and Center for Health Promotion staff.

Students may call the Hammond Health Center number, 607-274-3177, or CAPS number, 607-274- 3136 to schedule these spaces.

COVID-19 Testing & Prevention

Students should call the Hammond Health Center for assistance during health center hours. After hours, please see our website for urgent care/Emergency care options. You may also call Public Safety for assistance at 607-274-3333. If faculty and staff answer “yes,” they should contact their primary care provider and seek out testing at the sampling site as appropriate.

Yes. Contact the health center for an appointment.

No. Employees should contact their primary care provider office for advice concerning evaluation and testing if symptoms arise.