Honors Student Travel Funds

Travel for Research, Conferences or Creative Endeavors

The Honors Program offers travel funds to support current honors students to conduct research, present scholarly work at regional or national conferences, or carry out creative work.

Conference travel, awards are available for IC Honors students to present their research and creative products/projects at professional conferences. Priority is given to those who are presenting, but students who wish to attend a conference can also request funds.

Funds are available to support travel for undergraduates who conduct research or creative works in close collaboration with an Ithaca College mentor or who undertake self-directed research/creative endeavors under the supervision of an IC mentor.

The applicant’s academic record is considered in funding decisions.


1. The student will conduct research, present research or engage in a creative endeavor.

2. Applicants must be a member of the Honors Program and in good standing at IC.

3. Available funds are meant to defray costs and are not intended to subsidize the entire trip.

4. The Honors Program will not provide the sole support for student travel. Funding from the Honors Program is contingent upon financial support from another unit (e.g., academic department, college, and/or Undergraduate Research Office).

5. If approved, funding is limited to a match of funding provided by the student’s degree granting college, but shall not exceed $500.00 for regional travel and $800.00 for national and international travel. Matching funding is not guaranteed. The amount of Honors Program funding to be awarded is at the discretion of the Director.

6. The student is responsible for completing the required IC travel authorization form at least 2 weeks prior to domestic travel and 8 weeks prior to international travel for the conference/workshop and completing the travel expense report after the travel has occurred with the help of either their college or academic department. The Honors Program offers support for student travel to the NCHC Regional or National Conference.

7. Applications must be endorsed by the student’s project mentor/department along with the Honors Director.

Applications need to include:

  1. The name of the applicant

  2. A description of the research activity, conference, or creative endeavor. This should include the location and description of the activity. For a conference, include the name of the conference.

  3. The dates of travel (arrival and departure)

  4. The location

  5. The amount of funding being requested.

  6. A proposed budget of how funds will be spent (Amount for transportation, conference registration, lodging, food, ground transportation if not driving).

  7. The Sponsor Endorsement form (provided below).

For conference travel, the application should also include:

8. A copy of the original abstract submitted to the conference indicating the title and authorship.

9. Proof (e.g., an acceptance letter/email and/or documentation from the appropriate section of the conference program) that the students’ paper/poster/creative project has been accepted for presentation.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Requests for all travel support must be submitted and approved prior to travel. Please allow adequate time for review. Ithaca College policy is that all travel authorization forms must be submitted and approved at least two weeks prior to the travel dates.

If awarded a Travel Grant Award, the applicant agrees to only use Honors Program funding for travel associated with the activity or conference listed in this request and to acknowledge funding support in the presentation or as appropriate.

Upon return from research travel, conference or a creative endeavor, the student is expected to file a brief final report with the Honors Program, including any plans for publication, performance, and/or further research.



Once the Honors Program Director reviews all submitted material, you will be notified in a timely manner if you were awarded a travel grant.

Once you receive notification, please complete your travel authorization form.

If at any time you have questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us at honors@ithaca.edu or at (607)274-7784.

Sponsor’s Endorsement Form for the IC Honors Program Travel support



Department/Position at IC: _____________________________________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________________________________________________

IC E-mail Address:______________________________________________________________

Is this for an Honors Seminar: Yes_________ No _________

If Yes (HNRS # & CRN#):___________________________________________________

Please verify that you are aware of and approve of this travel/project: Yes_____ No _________

The Pervi Study Abroad Grants

The Honors Program has two Pervi Study Abroad Grants of $500.00.

Honors students are invited to apply for these grants.

They are offered for

  • Honors students studying in London who take the Honors course London as Text.
  • Honors students participating in any study abroad experience.

Priority will be given to high achieving students who demonstrate financial need.

Please note that determination of financial need is made on the basis of each student’s FAFSA, which must be current and on file with Student Financial Services.


Proposal items that need to include:

  • The name of the student
  • The location where the student will be studying abroad
  • How the funds from this grant will help you fulfill the Global Engagement requirement of the Honors Program.

The deadline for individual proposals is March 1, 2018, for those anticipating studying abroad in Fall 2019.

Recipients of the grant will be notified before the deposit deadline for the London Center.

Requests for conference travel support must be submitted and approved prior to travel, please allow adequate time for review.

Please note: If you have questions about studying abroad or finding a location that fits you, use this link www.ithaca.edu/oip/studyabroad/forms.