Advising Resources

Who is your advisor?

Mike Haaf: Students with last names A-J
Alicia Swords: Students with last names K-Z

Alicia Swords
Honors Program Director and Associate Professor, Sociology
Online sign-up for appointments:
607-274-7784 | 607-274-1209

Mike Haaf
Honors Program Assistant Director and Professor, Chemistry
Online sign-up for appointments:
607-274-7784 | 607-274-7978

Terell Bennett
Honors Academic Assistant and
Residence Director of Eastman and Lyon Halls

Brooks Miner
Honors Residential Learning Community Associate
Assistant Professor, Biology

Katie Burke
Academic Advisor/Academic Advising Center Honors Liaison
Honors students can ask to set up an appointment specifically with me when they call the Academic Advising Center. The Advising Center has drop in hours and appointment times
Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00 and Friday 10:00-4:00.