The Honors Advantage

Are you ready for a challenge?

As a member of our selective Ithaca College honors program, you’ll feed your curiosity and expand your perspectives in an intellectual community of students from every school at IC. You’ll have access to unique coursework, travel opportunities, and learning experiences with faculty and peers who never stop asking questions. After exploring these pages check out the IC Honors Blog for the day-to-day buzz of the program.

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Program RequirementsProgram Requirements
The Honors Program will challenge you intellectually, reward your curiosity, and provide opportunities to engage with the world around you.

Honors Curriculum

In order to graduate with Ithaca College honors, students must demonstrate by portfolio (the Cursus Honorum) that they have experienced significant involvement in five important areas: academic challenge, global citizenship, cultural engagement, engagement with the scholarly community, and civic engagement. Students will be expected to incorporate into the portfolio artifacts and reflections demonstrating their learning in each area.

1. Academic Challenge (11 credits)

  • At least 11 credits of Honors seminars, including a 1 credit Honors Capstone. Freshmen must include an Honors ICSM in these 11 credits; AND
  • Complete a thesis, either through the major department or Honors; AND
  • Complete the Cursus Honorum (e-portfolio); AND
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher as well as a GPA of 3.0 or higher in Honors courses.

2. Global Citizenship

  • Enrollment in HNRS 21500 International Scholarly Conversation; OR
  • London Honors Semester (Honors offers the London as Text course in the fall); OR
  • Some other documented highly enhanced study abroad experience by design.

3. Cultural Engagement

  • Enrollment in HNRS 15000 Cultural Encounters with Ithaca College; OR
  • Documentation in the Cursus Honorum of significant cultural engagement.

4. Scholarly Achievement

  • Enrollment in 9 additional credits of Honors designated courses; OR
  • Documentation in the Cursus Honorum of additional significant scholarly engagement (e.g., undergraduate research activities); OR
  • Some combination of course work and scholarly engagement.

5. Civic Engagement

  • Documentation in the Cursus Honorum of civic engagement experiences (e.g., enrollment in a service learning course, volunteer work, or any number of civically engaged activities )

Honors courses may not be taken pass/fail or S/D/F. To remain in honors, a student must make regular progress toward completion of the program. Any student who does not register for honors credit for three consecutive semesters without having discussed a plan for completion of the program with the program director will be deemed inactive and removed from the program. In order to graduate with Ithaca College honors, a student must have a G.P.A. greater than or equal to 3.0 in all courses as well as within Honors courses.

Students will be certified for graduation with Ithaca College Honors during their last semester in residence, based on an evaluation of their portfolio by the Honors Faculty Steering Committee. Any petition or appeal related to the Honors Program is handled through the Director of the Honors Program.