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Hana HolmanTalent ManagementHana Holman
Operations Specialist

I became part of the Ithaca College staff in October 1995 working for the Office of Human Resources. In my position as HR Information Operations Specialist I am devoted to having the entire community here on campus understand the systems that we work with daily, Parnassus being one of them.

Some of the processes in Parnassus that I support/assist with are:

  • Self Service Time
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Employee Record Maintains
  • Annual Review
  • Faculty Reappointment

At one time or another I have meet most all Ithaca College employees during their first day of employment. I am the person who conducts the first hour of the New Hire Orientation Sessions for each employee that works for the college. I collect the paperwork, giving out the user name and provide them with a temporary ID card.

I am also happy to say that I have my father and sister work here at Ithaca College in the Athletics Department. My father has been involved with IC athletes for more than 40 years, my sister for over 8 years and myself in HR for almost 15 years. I was a graduate of Ithaca College and have two children, Megan and Travis, who are looking forward to attending Ithaca College themselves in the future.