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Posted by Katie Sack at 8:33AM
break down a barrier

Common barriers among men and women that seem to make exercising almost impossible are:

  1. Getting started and/or staying focused.
  2. No planned workout or scheduled exercise class.
  3. Motivation, aches and pains.
  4. Motivation & time to get started.
  5. Myself- class, tests, desserts -> priorities & self-control.
  6. Time.
  7. Cold weather.

Here, we provide some advice on how to overcome these pesky situations. This week we will cover how to overcome the time barrier as well as not having a plan to follow, getting started and keeping motivation. Keep checking back for more advice on how to overcome the other barriers!

#1 Barrier to Exercise: Time

  • Shoot for at least three days a week in the gym.
  • Plan ahead. Get a calendar out and plan off where you can fit in potential workouts during the week. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take group classes, go on in to the Wellness Clinic or the Fitness Center and try a workout on your own! The staff can make on-the-spot workouts for you while you warm-up. Just tell them what you’d like to work on that day and they will even guide you through it.
  • Exercise on your lunch-break. You may have to sacrifice a lunch period for exercise and eat lunch while you do work later. As long as you keep lunch healthy, mindless chewing isn’t so bad!
  • If you know you’re not a morning person, you can pack your bag the night before and leave it by the door so that it’s all set to go in the morning.                                              

#2  Barrier to Exercise: Getting Started, Not having a plan, Motivation

  • I said this for barrier one, but I’m going to say it again…get a calendar out and plan off where you can fit in potential workouts during the week. Getting started is quite difficult, especially if you feel you lack motivation.
  • Stay motivated by having more than one reason to exercise. Losing weight alone will not last in the long-run.
  • Tell someone you’re close to that you’re going to start exercising.
  • Shift your mental focus from “I hate exercise” to “This isn’t as bad as it seems”.    
  • Have a playlist that involves songs you can jam out to!
  • Set an exercise contract with yourself. It may look something like:

Exercise Contract Example 1

I, __(Name)__, hereby make known to, ___(Name)___, that from this day forward I will go to the gym at least three days a week for one hour. I will not make up excuses such as “I’m too sore” or “I’m too tired”. Sick days are regarded as excusable.

If I reach my goal by ___________(date must be at least four weeks out from today), I will let/give myself __________________________________________________________________(reward).

Your signature, __________________________________________

Witness signature,_____________________________________________


Exercise Contract Example 2

I,___(Name___, hereby make known to, ___(Name)___, that from this day forward I will strive to be more aware of the negative things I say about exercise. For every negative thought my goal is to say 3 positive affirmations.

Keeping Progress

I will keep track of my progress with a positive affirmation jar. When I get 100 positive affirmations in my jar, I will let/give myself_______________________________________________________________(reward).

   Your signature, __________________________________________

Witness signature,_____________________________________________

        takes time, and making consistent healthy lifestyle choices takes just that, constant effort. It is a journey that should be enjoyable when we do it for the right reasons. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you need to do. If you fall down, get back up again

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