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Posted by Katie Sack at 4:33PM
stone and candle

Hello Everyone,

Usually, a person first comes to explore meditation because of undue stress, despondency, bewilderment, unsolvable problems, physical disease, or other psychological discomforts.  Beginners typically think that meditation will help them "figure things out."  Over time, successful meditators come to see and realize that the process of cultivating meditative awareness is primarily concerned with accessing a condition of life called "full feeling appreciative awareness," which gives rise to the experience of full integration, wholeness, of feeling complete just as one is, even if problems remain.  Meditation is not concerned with winning, achieving, resolving, or accomplishing; its core lies in realizing and then manifesting the fullness of one's being.  All the rest is commentary.

Just like an appointment with your favorite personal trainer, or your lunch date with your friend, schedule a time to meditate into your day! Meditation does not have to always be sitting completely still, it may be something that is therapeutic to you such as listening or playing relaxing music, creating peaceful art, taking time to be grateful for the things in your day, or gazing at a relaxing image. All these techniques can help you on your way to your mediation journey!

If you would like help in starting your meditation journey, Ithaca College Campus has its own free meditation classes:
Muller Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm and 1pm with Michael Faber. More info here: /hr/benefits/wrklife/wlprogram/?item=5477

Your Blogger,
Melissa Schwartz
Ithaca College 2014
Public and Community Health, B.S
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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