Job Descriptions

All on-going positions at Ithaca College have a written job description. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to provide each employee with a copy of the formal job description and to discuss it with the employee.

When a new position is created and approved, the hiring supervisor should prepare a job description for Human Resources’ review. The Compensation, Payroll & Organizational Design office is available to assist in the design and development of job descriptions. A job description template can be accessed from the documents section of this site.

Job descriptions should be reviewed by the employee and supervisor on an annual basis, and by the supervisor when a position is vacated. Changes to the job descriptions should be sent to Human Resources for review and to be incorporated into the formal description.

Job descriptions are intended to provide an overview of the essential job duties, and are not intended to list every task an individual may perform. The supervisor may wish to develop a more detailed task description/list.

Jobs assigned additional duties and responsibilities that significantly alter the nature of the job may warrant a review for a reclassification. From time to time, a job may be assigned additional duties and responsibilities that do not materially change the nature of the job and, therefore, do not warrant a pay band change.

Job Description Resources