Hiring for Inclusive Excellence: Resources for Diversity Recruitment

Ithaca College continually strives to build an inclusive and welcoming community of individuals with diverse talents and skills from a multitude of backgrounds who are committed to civility, mutual respect, social justice, and the free and open exchange of ideas. We commit ourselves to change, growth, and action that embrace diversity as an integral part of the educational experience and of the community we create.

All members of the Ithaca College community are encouraged to achieve excellence in their chosen fields and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community. Accordingly, the College is striving to improve the diversity of its work force and developing an environment where students experience the multicultural society they will enter upon graduation. These experiences are enriched by a faculty and staff with a variety of perspectives, with a wide-range of life experiences, and with a rich array of teaching approaches. At Ithaca College, we are committed to building and fostering a diverse academic community that values and respects difference and encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply. Experience that contributes to the diversity of the college is appreciated.

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Hiring for Inclusive Excellence: Resources for Diversity Recruitment:


Prework: Recommendations for search committee members to begin with introspection by exploring one's own bias and assumptions. It is recommended to take the Harvard Implicit Association Test.

Search committees are recommended to read and discuss research on bias and assumptions, link to supportive document.

Brochure on Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions

Crafting Inclusive Job Ads

Creating Effective Interview Questions which assess diversity management and cultural competency skills

Reviewing Candidates with an Inclusive Lens

Onboarding for Retention: New Faculty Onboarding Checklist

Diversity Recruitment Resources

Other Online Resources for Inclusive Recruitment Strategies:

WISELI Searching for Excellence & Diversity: Recruiting Resources for Search Committees

ERACE (Eradicating Racism And Colorism from Employment) from the EEOC's Initiative for employment practices that are free of race and color discrimination