The staff within HR Information Systems has lead responsibility for the care, maintenance, development, and support of Parnassus, the College’s Human Resource/Payroll system.

All new employees spend their first few hours at Ithaca College with a representative from our office for the First Day New-Hire Orientation Session.

During our discussions about Parnassus and Employee Self-Service at that session, you heard that we strive to make sure that Parnassus data is kept as up-to-date as possible in the most efficient manner with your use of self-service. Employee Self-Service provides secure, direct, real-time, from-the-source update without third party intervention, paper, or mail delivery services and the related time lag.

Self-service is a very sustainable business model and in line with the Institutional Plan priority to "Fully utilize web technology to fundamentally change the way Ithaca College provides administrative support services".

Further in line with this Institutional Plan priority, all personnel actions for staff are also processed on-line via Manager Self-Service in Parnassus. These employment changes move through a workflow approval process and include a number of offices across campus. Manager Self-Service significantly reduces the time required to affect payroll and virtually eliminates the possibility of lost paperwork.

If you are new to Employee Self-Service, please review the Employee Self-Service Online Documentation. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the documentation, please send us an email at