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What is Parnassus?What is Parnassus?

Parnassus is a comprehensive, integrated and state-of-the-art software solution for human resource and financial management at Ithaca College accessible from anywhere via the Internet.

How Parnassus Works for You

The Human Resources module of Parnassus has two main components :

Employee Self Service (ESS) 

  • Change or view your personal information.
  • View and print your payslip information for up to 2 years of history.
  • Setup and modify your own direct deposit accounts and deposit amounts.
  • View or adjust your tax withholdings.
  • View your Individual Choice Benefits details (if applicable)

Manager Self-Service (MSS)

  • Submit Promotions or Demotions.
  • Submit New Hire information.
  • Submit Job Reclassifications.
  • Submit Resignations or Terminations.
  • Submit Leaves of Absence.
  • Submit Transfers.
  • View Salary History for your Employees.

The Significance of the Name

Parnassus is a mountain in Greece at the foot of which lies the town of Delphi, home of the famous Oracle. In Greek mythology, Parnassus was sacred to the Greek sun god Apollo whose oracle resided at Delphi. Our "Oracle" resides on a Sun server in Information Technology and is accessed on desktop PCs throughout campus to provide information, to guide and enhance future decision-making at Ithaca College.

Parnassus is an Oracle System

The Oracle Corporation is a leader in web-based software applications. The phrase: " Oracle software powers the Internet" may have a familiar ring, given the advertising focus of the company. The Parnassus team is confident that Oracle will "power" and greatly improve many of our internal financial and human resource processes.