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The city of Ithaca is surrounded by gorges, forests, and Cayuga Lake

In the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Ithaca is surrounded by natural gorges, expansive forests, accessible waterways, and of course Cayuga Lake. Much of this nature is both protected and open to public, so come and see what you can discover when you explore Ithaca.

Cayuga Lake

One of the largest of the Finger Lakes, Cayuga Lake borders right on the City of Ithaca. The lake can be enjoyed from the views it offers from the hills surrounding it. If you want to get closer you can take a stroll on the waterfront trail at Cass Park, and if you want to dive right in there are several places to launch boats and take a dip.

Gorges and Waterfalls

Both within the city and the surrounding area you can find gorges and waterfalls. These natural waterways carved by ancient glaciers are the defining feature of the region and the inspiration for the city’s catch phrase “Ithaca is Gorges”

State Parks and Forests

Many of the gorges have become protected public state parks and are easily accessible from Ithaca. The state parks offer beauty and recreation, many having campsites, maintained hiking trails, public-swimming areas, and boat launches.

Outdoor Recreation

The natural landscape not only offers beauty and tranquility, but also challenge and adventure for those who are seeking it. Ithaca has been mentioned as a top city for both mountain biking and trail running and also offers opportunities for hiking, camping, kayaking and much more. So if you looking to balance your life with an active lifestyle Ithaca is the city for you.

State Park Highlights
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