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Interviewing a Candidate

Interviewing a Candidate

Knowing how to ask the right questions

Your first impression of the candidates who have applied for your open position will generally come from the employment application, resume, and other written materials submitted by the candidate. The purpose of the interview should be to collect additional information on the applicant’s job-related knowledge, skills and abilities that would be helpful in deciding whether he or she is likely to succeed in the job.

Every hiring manager should have his or her own goals for the interview, but there are five goals that should always be included:

  1. Gather enough information to adequately evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform the functions of the position.
  2. Create a positive image of the institution – the best candidates are probably being recruited by multiple employers.
  3. Present a realistic description of the position – the challenges, the rewards, why this role is important to the institution.
  4. Ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and that the process is consistently managed for all interviewees.
  5. Establish adequate records in the event the hiring decision must be justified at some future date.

For additional resources, please contact Recruitment and Employment to obtain and Interview Guide booklet.

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