Student Employee Appreciation

Student Employee of the Year

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2015 Ithaca College Student Employee of the Year award…Tariq Widsaro!

Student Employees perform an invaluable service to our campus with enthusiasm, dedication and initiative.  Along with our annual celebration of appreciation, we honored one student employee with an Ithaca College Student Employee of the Year award.  Each department on campus was allowed to nominate one student.  Ithaca College employs over 3,000 student employees each academic year, so selecting only one student nominee was a very difficult task.

The student of the year award is based upon their outstanding qualities: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and uniqueness of contribution.

Congratulations to Tariq Widarso for winning Student Employee of the Year 2015! Tariq is the office assistant in the Office of International Programs.  He was nominated by Diana Dimitrova in the Office of International Programs.

Diana explains Tariq as “Reliable, courteous, professional and friendly…he is the kind of a person who can grasp the full picture and then “run” with it.” Not only is he helpful within the office but he also finds ways to advise and support the student community.

One of the many initiatives that Tariq took on was the task of finding a better way to organize and store international student’s belongings during the summer months. He had experienced the process as a user and then thought it through as an organizer. The new system involved creating flow charts and forms as well as timelines and maps for the storage area. Not only did he tackle the current process to make it more user-friendly, he also took into consideration those who would use the system for years to come. By taking meticulous notes and documenting every step of the process, he will leave future generations of IC international students to benefit from his thoughtfulness and attention to detail.  Tariq continued his attention to detail by writing handouts and creating materials that are shared with incoming students and their parents, which has been well received and appreciated by many.

Congratulations Tariq on a job well done!