Student Supervisors

Student Manager Self-Service

Hiring Students using IC Student Manager Self-Service (SMSS)

  • When you are ready to hire a student, make sure you have his or her student ID number and it into SMSS.
  • Create the job by adding a new assignment for that student with the appropriate department, location, etc.
  • Enter the pay information including hourly wages, number of hours to work per week, and start and end dates (graduation date) on the calendar to minimize the risk of error.
  • Enter student employee's assignments and responsibilities.
  • Finish filling out all information and submit if all information is correct, so that Student Employment may approve the transaction.
  • Students CANNOT work until this transaction has been approved.
  • A full document on this process, as well as how to edit a student employee's position information, may be found by clicking here.

Approving Time Cards

  • Once a student is hired in Parnassus, they will be submitting timecards to you every other week.
  • Payroll deadlines as well as pay dates can be found here.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification that the student’s time card is ready for approval. Please DO NOT approve time cards through e-mail as this has caused problems in the past.
  • Log in to Parnassus and approve them through the workflow.
  • Please make sure you check the dates in the time cards as sometimes students select the wrong time period.
  • If you do not agree with the hours on the time card, you may reject it back to the student to correct. If you do reject it, please make sure that you put a note to the student as to why you are rejecting it.

**It is the supervisor's responsibility to view and approve/reject any and all timecards received. Even if a student did not work any hours for you in a specific time period, you will still need to view and approve/reject your student's timecard to make sure they have not logged hours for time they did not work. Students will not be paid until all active supervisors have approved their timecard. If you no longer have a particular student but you are still receiving timecards, you need to go into SMSS and end their assinment in order to be removed as a timecard approver.