Advising & Registration

Advising Notes for Students

The School of Humanities and Sciences’ Office of the Dean has created Advising Notes as a reference guide for students. The Notes include updates, links to advising documents and forms, and other information relevant to the advising and registration period.

Quick Tips:

  1. Your degree evaluation tracks your progress toward graduation, as well as your degree requirements.  It is an important and powerful tool in HomerConnect.  If you are not familiar with the degree evaluation function, please check out the information at the Registrar's Office website.
  2. When you declare your major, you follow the requirements for the major as listed under the catalog year when you declare.  For instance, if you matriculated in Fall 2009 with a History major and in Fall 2011 declare a Politics major you will be following the 2009-2010 Catalog year requirements for your History major and the 2011-2012 Catalog year requirements for your Politics major. Note that there is a temporary exception to this policy.  During the transitional period between general education and Integrative Core Curriculum requirements for students who matriculated at the College prior to Fall 2013, students who declare a major, change majors, or declare a second major in the School of Humanities and Sciences will follow Catalog Year 2012-2013 for their major requirements and complete the H&S general education requirements.  Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2013 and declare one of the following majors: Anthropology, Biochemistry, History, Applied Psychology,  will complete the major requirements in place at the time of declaration and general education requirements.
  3. When you declare a minor it attaches to your major Catalog year.  For instance, if you matriculated in Fall 2009 with a History major and in Fall 2011 declare a Politics minor, the minor requirements will follow the Catalog year for your major.  In this example it would be Fall 2009.  While you can't declare a later date than the present for your major/minor (i.e.; you declare in Fall 2009, but want to follow the 2007-2008 Catalog) you can go forward.  For instance, in this example you want to follow the 2011-2012 Catalog requirements for the Politics minor.  You can email and request the change.  You cannot request a change to go back in Catalog years.
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