Complementary Liberal Arts Component of the ICC - A Focused Academic Exploration for H&S Students

Students entering Ithaca College in the School of Humanities and Sciences in Fall 2013 will fulfill the CLA component of the Integrative Core Curriculum by selecting one of a few options: the completion of a minor, the completion of a second major, through language study, or by a self-designed suite of liberal arts courses. In each instance, there must be at least 12 credits of liberal arts courses within the selected option. H&S students will also complete a second Diversity course. This FAQ addresses how each CLA option works, and provides information about the process and procedures related to choosing and fulfilling the CLA.

Understanding the H&S CLA

Declaring a CLA Option

Courses Counting for the CLA

Minors and Second Majors

Language Study Option

Self-Designed Suite Option

Additional Option

Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive Courses