Frequently Asked Questions

I want to design my own CLA experience. How do I do it?

We encourage H&S students to consider planning their own CLA experiences. We call it the “Self-Designed Suite Option,” and you can designate this as your option on the CLA Planning Statement form

First, we recommend talking with your advisor about your plan. You may want to discuss what you’re interested in exploring and how a particular set of courses will help fulfill your educational objectives. On the Planning Statement form, you will list eight possible liberal arts courses that could comprise your Self-Designed Suite of courses. We ask that you identify eight courses since students sometimes cannot take every course as originally planned, and you will need to be sure that at least 12 credit hours you actually do take come from this list of possible courses. You should check to ensure that the courses you propose fall outside the named requirements of your primary major and outside the department of your primary major. Then you will complete an explanation on the form to convey to the School of Humanities and Sciences’ General Education Committee why this particular collection of possible courses could help to further your educational and life goals and how these courses are threaded together.  The H&S General Education Committee will review the proposal, and if all goes well, your plan will be recorded.

Check out some Sample Planning Statements to see how other students have submitted a Self-Designed Suite!

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