Aging Studies Program Graduates

Corinne White, 15'

Where do you currently work and what are your primary job functions?
Corinne currently works at the Chemung County Department of Aging. It is an Area Agency on Aging where she's an aging services assistant. As an aging services assistant she provides information and assistance to older adults in the community to help them find programs and services whether it is through their department or other local agencies. There’s a mixture of phone calls, walk-ins, scheduled appointments, and home visits; all of which she has had experience with.

Describe the professional path you took.
She graduated in May of 2015 with her Bachelor’s in Aging Studies and then took the summer off while looking for jobs. Most of the jobs she was looking for had to do with the activities/recreation department at long term care facilities, but then Dr. Elizabeth Bergman emailed her the job position at Chemung County Department of Aging. Corinne applied, interviewed, and accepted the job offer in August of 2015. She has really enjoyed this position, because she has great coworkers and knows they have a huge impact on the community.

Best experience with the Gerontology Institute/Dept?
The best experience for her was the connection to working with older adults at the local facilities in Ithaca and the partnership between Ithaca College and Longview. She said the hands of experiences were the most realistic and allowed her to deepen her learning beyond the classroom. Her other favorite part of the gerontology department are the professors and how wonderful they are.

Why should students consider a major or minor in Gerontology?
She believes students should consider a major or minor because it’s so much more than just learning about older adults; it’s about the whole life span. She said the information you learn from gerontology courses is relevant to everyone even now as a young person in college. She remembers learning about biological, psychological, and social changes that occur throughout the lifespan. She believes students should consider gerontology because of the demographics of our country, knowing there will be many older adults who we need to understand and interact with.

What has been your favorite experience working in the field of gerontology?
Her favorite experience has been the gratitude, respect, and general good feeling that she gets from being able to assist an older adult who feels like they have nowhere else to turn. She recalls sometimes she would gets calls about a skunk in the yard, but just knowing that she can ease their concerns has been really rewarding. The older adults she has experienced have always been really thankful and appreciative when she had been able to assist them.

What is one piece of advice you would offer current gerontology majors?
She would advise students that studying gerontology is worth it! She says it takes a special kind of person to work with older adults so students who are already studying gerontology are one step ahead. She wants students to know in the end, actually being able to work with older adults is a reciprocal relationship and she feels like everyday she gets as much out of helping older adults as she is able to give back to them.

Corinne White Photo