Aging Studies Major Learning Goals

Core Program Learning Goals

The interdisciplinary Aging Studies Major will draw on Ithaca College’s unique combination of liberal arts and professional programs to provide students with a liberal arts foundation, a broad-based understanding of individual and social aspects of aging, and professional skills relevant to their career goals. The Major prepares students to attain a position in the field of aging or to pursue graduate education in gerontology or a related discipline

Through a liberal arts foundation, interdisciplinary gerontology coursework, experiential learning, and a concentration, the Ithaca College Aging Studies Major will prepare students to:

  1. Understand and apply fundamental principles, theories, and core concepts of gerontology.
  2. Integrate information and perspectives from various disciplines to understand the biological, social, and psychological aspects of aging.
  1. Demonstrate the ability to conduct and evaluate gerontological research using a variety of methods.
  1. Understand and evaluate social policy and its impact on programs and services for older adults.
  1. Apply knowledge from aging courses and their chosen focus area in a work or educational setting.

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