Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between the Art History B.A. with Architecture Concentration and the Architectural Studies B.A.?

If you are interested in becoming a licensed design professional (an architect, a landscape architect, a city planner, for example), the Architectural Studies B.A. is for you, since it will prepare you for graduate study in those fields and set you on your path toward professional practice

If you love architecture but lean toward history and the study of architecture as a form of cultural expression, you might choose the Architecture Concentration within the Art History B.A.  This is perfect for the student who is interested in architecture as one of the art forms that art historians study.

Either of these paths can prepare you for the field of Historic Preservation. If you'd like to be the architect restoring old buildings, you would choose the Architectural Studies B.A. If you'd like to be the expert researching the history of a building to nominate it for landmark status you could choose either path, based on which array of courses appealed to you.

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