Student Opportunites Elsewhere

Student Opportunites Elsewhere

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SUNY Upstate is hosting a Graduate Open House on April 1st.
Students considering an undergraduate degree in Nursing, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Medical Imaging/Radiography (X-ray), Medical Imaging/Ultrasound, Medical Technology, Medical Biotechnology, Radiation Therapy, or Respiratory Therapy are invited to attend the Undergraduate Open House on March 18th.
Students considering a graduate degree in Medicine (MD), Public Health, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Nursing, Medical Technology, or Biomedical Science are invited to attend the Graduate Open House on April 1st.

For more information or to register, please visit:

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The Milk Quality Improvement Program/Food Safety Lab is looking for an undergraduate (freshman, sophomore or junior) research assistant for Summer 2017 (with possible extension). This is a PAID POSITION and, ideally, the interested student should be able to work 40 h/week starting in the middle of May and ending in August


As a lab assistant, the student will be engaged in field data collection, and sample processing. The student will be working in a BSL-2 level lab, and will have the opportunity to learn microbiological and molecular laboratory techniques in addition to field skills.


Students wanting to apply should contact Daniel Weller ( with a statement of interest and a resume

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Binghamton University has created a new type of summer research program for STEM undergraduates.
It provides a stepped, multi-mentored, team-based experience that is ideal for students with little, if any, research experience. Last year the summer research streams were biomedical chemistry and image & acoustic signals analysis, with rising sophomores, juniors and seniors – all STEM majors with aspirations for medical school or graduate school but as yet no research experience. They completed a summer research project of publishable quality, and all demonstrated substantial personal and professional growth. Typical comments about SRI.
For summer 2017 we are offering four research streams, which we already offer for BU students during the academic year:  
  • Biomedical Chemistry focuses on molecular targets for treatment and delivery. The goal is to identify molecular mechanisms of action of proteins, and then new strategies to control their activity.


  • Image & Acoustic Signals Analysis (Computer Science-Computer Engineering) focuses on research and development in human image and acoustics. Students are involved in developing digital forensic and biometrics techniques and designing environments that will shape future trends in human-computer interaction.


  • Microbial Biofilms in Human Health (Microbiology) focuses on biofilms, communities of microorganisms living on surfaces and encased within a protective slime matrix. They pose problems in industrial and medical settings due to their tolerance to aggressive antimicrobials.


  • Molecular & Biomedical Anthropology (Lyme disease) focus on population health and biomedical studies of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Students involved in DNA extraction, PCR amplification, gel electrophoresis, genotyping and DNA sequencing.
Summer program - SRI  

SRI replicates the academic year program - FRI

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Learn more about KGI and what makes us unique. They will cover your travel costs and meals for the day (provide up to $500 in travel reimbursements to admitted students.)

Are you able to attend? Simply reply to me if you can make it!  As always, your students are also welcome at any of these events, and we provide up to $500 in travel reimbursements to admitted students.

March 24 - Master of Bioscience (MBS) Visit Day
April 7 - Postbac Premedical Certificate (PPC) Visit Day
April 14 - Master of Engineering (MEng) Visit Day

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The Burke Medical Research Institute invites applications from qualified undergraduate students for our Summer Student Research Program. This program provides an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research for those students interested in pursuing a career in biomedical sciences.
Participants will be part of a laboratory research project related to neural repair and rehabilitation. Summer research students have extensive interaction with their faculty mentors and their staff.

◾The 2017 program will run from June 5th to August 11th.

◾Trainees will receive a stipend of $3,000

◾Housing and transportation are the responsibility of each trainee.

Applications are due by March 15th, 2017.


To apply and get further details, please go the website:  or email:

The Burke Medical Research Institute works in partnership with the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine to develop new therapeutic approaches for a host of impairments that cause disability including paralysis, sensory loss, language problems and dementia.


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