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Te-Wen. Presents, “Grants 101” Fall Workshops: Show Me the Money - Tips on How to Win External Funding for Your Research or Other Scholarly Projects". Ithaca College. November. 2017.

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IN THE NEWS "Slugs Inspire Super-Strong Glue to Seal Wounds"

  • Andy's lab is given credit!  Read all about it.

    Here are the links for the articles that came out in the popular press about my work.



Washington Post

Science News

Andy also presented research on the show "Tell Me Something I Don't Know", a podcast hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics. Andy was interviewed about his research on slug glue and its potential for bio-inspired medical adhesives. The episode was called "All about bugs (of the animal and computer varieties)" (episode 32). The episode was aired on Oct.22 and is available at the website

  • IC News has a full article on this entitled, "Ithaca College Slug Goo Researcher Andy Smith Wins Game Show".  Andy was voted the show’s winner and was presented with a “certificate of impressive knowledge.”

Andy also gave a keynote address this summer in the Adhesion section of the Society of Experimental Biology's annual meetings in Goteborg, Sweden. The title of the talk was, "Double networks and slug glue:  Integrating mechanics and sequence data to characterize an unusually tough hydrogel adhesive".

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Dana Logo

Jean Hardwick has been named as a Charles A. Dana Professor.  The Dana Professorship recognizes exceptional faculty who have attained the rank of full professor and who have made significant contributions in teaching, scholarship, and service

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Nanda moderated the session: How to Thrive and Finish Your Program – A “When Faculty Say X” at this year's PROMISE SSI (PROMISE Summer Success Institute). In this session, professors from across the country, members of the Alfred B. Sloan Mentoring Network Advisory Board, answer all of the questions that students never asked their faculty, and are too nervous to ask their advisor. Between them, they have experience as deans, department chairs, center directors, and PIs of grants from NSF, NIH, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Since 2003, SSI has been bringing graduate students in STEM from underrepresented groups in Maryland for a conference and series of workshops with the goal of building a community of scholars who would finish graduate degrees and go on to be professors and leaders in their respective fields. This PROMISE Summer Success Institute, is sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s Alliances for Graduate Education and Professoriate (AGEP) program, will celebrate 15 years of the Summer Success Institute in 2017!


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Te-wen has been awarded a National Institute for Health grant over $337,000 to explore protein-binding and cell function.


Her work is a collaboration with researchers at Northeastern Illinois University. The grant money will also help fund undergraduate student researchers in her lab this summer, and allow her students to attend conferences.


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