Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

NEWEST: Te-Wen Lo received a NIH Grant; Nanda Cortes recipient of the the "Edwards Prize"; Jean gets IC Recognition

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Te-wen has been awarded a National Institute for Health grant over $337,000 to explore protein-binding and cell function.


Her work is a collaboration with researchers at Northeastern Illinois University. The grant money will also help fund undergraduate student researchers in her lab this summer, and allow her students to attend conferences.


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Nanda was selected as having the best paper of the year in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Morphological and genetic variation of the Yellow-backed Oriole (Icterus chrysater). March 2016; 128 (1): 22-31.

Although most articles originate from work conducted in the western hemisphere (a large portion of the research on Neotropical birds is published here), the geographic coverage of the journal is global. The Journal is internationally recognized as an important, major journal of ornithology. The Edwards Prize is given annually for the best major article published during the previous year.


Listen to the interview with The Ithacan.

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Hardwick Award

Jean Hardwick is the Recipient of the 2016-17 Faculty Excellence Award

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"Students aid gene research study".  The Ithacan. December 1, 2016

"New Gene Expression Research Could Have Implications for Aging" IC News. 1/11/17.


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Andy Smith. Invited Speaker. "Terrestrial slug glue: gaining toughness through a double network mechanism". 2016 Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium, "Biological and Bioinspired Adhesion: from Macro- to Nanoscale".  Potsdam, Germany. September 2016. View the abstract here.

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