Biochemistry Courses and Research in Biochemistry

The Chemistry Department offers many courses in the Biochemistry program.  Starting with the four-semester sequence of Principles of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I and II and Quantitative Chemistry, we also teach Biochemistry I and team teach Current Topics in Biochemistry and Experimental Biochemistry with faculty from the Biology Department.

We also offer the following courses that fulfill the advanced elective required for the degree in Biochemistry.  These courses include Bio-organic chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, NMR and Inorganic Chemistry.

Many Biochemistry majors do research in the department, and our research areas related to Biochemistry include projects on enzyme kinetics and inhibition, synthetic organic chemistry of medicinal compounds, polymers that are scaffolds for tissue engineering.  All faculty members welcome biochemistry students into their labs, and students should contact faculty members directly to hear more about their research program.

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