Chemistry Department Welcomes Speaker Adam Capoferri (´13) of Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Adam Capoferri (´13) of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will present “Achieving an HIV Cure: Getting Past an N=1”

Tuesday, November 13th 12:10 pm in CNS 333
Pizza and Beverages Provided

As of 2018, over 37 million people are living with HIV globally and only 22 million of those had access to antiretroviral therapy. To date, only one individual has ever been cured of HIV (ART; UNAIDS, 2018). The greatest barrier to achieving an HIV cure is the elimination of the HIV latent reservoir in CD4+ T-cells. It has been estimated that based on the size of the latent reservoir that in combination with ART, it would take ~73 years to completely eradiate the reservoir—proving that therapy alone is insufficient to lead to cure. Many strategies are currently being explored to achieve an HIV cure including: pharmacological agents, broadly-neutralizing antibody vaccines, and gene therapy approaches.

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