Culture and Communication Major Adeline Nieto Reflects on Semester Abroad in Spain

Adeline Nieto (Class of 2013) is a Culture and Communication Major who chose a semester abroad with an affiliate program in Spain. That choice greatly enhanced her cultural awareness and changed the way she views the world.

Junior Adeline Nieto is an honor student in the Communication Studies department, majoring in Culture and Communication. Her experiences in Spain during the spring 2011 semester had a profound affect on her understanding of cultural differences.

In her own words, Adeline had drawn a "black and white image depicting how (she) had been socialized in one manner and (her hosts) in another." However, she soon realized that emphasizing differences was "exhausting" her, as well as detracting from her study abroad experience.

Adeline made a conscious effort to search for similarities instead of differences -- and the images she encountered "turned to a lovely shade of gray." Now, upon reflection, she has dedicated herself to "making sense of our multi-toned world little by little."

In the photo, Adeline reflects under the "Metropol Parasol" in Seville, Spain. It's the world's largest wooden spoon structure and a great place to reflect!