Director of the Core Curriculum

I am very pleased to announce that Danette Johnson, Professor in Communication Studies, has accepted the position of Director of the Core Curriculum. Dr. Johnson brings to this position extensive experience in general education administration (at a previous institution), a deep understanding of best practice in learning assessment, and knowledge of Ithaca College administrative procedures surrounding curriculum approval and associated activities. Most important of all she brings enthusiasm and commitment to the liberal arts and to the success of a new Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) here at Ithaca College.

In addition, I am equally pleased to announce that I am appointing Shaianne Osterreich, Associate Professor of Economics, as Associate Director of the Core Curriculum. Dr. Osterreich has done an excellent job as Coordinator of the Ithaca Seminar Program and will continue in that capacity while expanding her role in areas directly linked to a first year student’s experience, such as the First Year Reading Initiative. As a critical part of the new ICC, such work should be integrated into our larger ICC administrative planning.

I am confident that Dr. Johnson and Dr. Osterreich, in conjunction with the dedicated members of the Committee for College-Wide Requirements, will provide us with outstanding leadership in support of the development and ultimate implementation of the new ICC.

Originally published in Intercom: Director of the Core Curriculum