Dr. Brown Publishes Latest Book on Race and Voting Rights

The Department of Communication Studies is pleased to announce the release of a second book by Dr. Donathan Brown. The new book, "Voting Rights Under Fire: The Continuing Struggle for People of Color," is published by Praeger (2015) as part of their well known series, "Racism in American Institutions." Written as a political and legal analysis of the rise of voter identification laws in correlation with shifting racial demographics, this book engages many debates surrounding the right to vote. We are especially pleased to add that one of Brown's advisee, Holly Athas, was awarded an Emerson Humanities Collaboration Award to work alongside her advisor. Holly provided excellent research and editing skills, and her name appears in the acknowledgment section of the book.

"Voting Rights Under Fire" has already received recognition. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education has included the book on its list of recommended readings; the widely read blog, "Race, Rhetoric and Religion" has published an interview with Brown; and the book has been noted via social media by the Tompkins County Democrats. Because of its interdisciplinary approach, this book has been cross-listed with Political Science, Constitutional Law, African American and Latino Studies

Originally published in Donathan Brown: Dr. Brown Publishes Latest Book on Race and Voting Rights
New Book on Voting Rights