Whalen Academic Symposium Award Winners in H&S - 2016

Congratulations to our H&S students who won awards at the 19th Annual James. J. Whalen Academic Symposium!

Awards for Oral Presentations

Humanities 1:
Jordan Cowell, Communication Studies - Kairos and Crisis: Failure to Meet the Rhetorical Situation of a Racial Crisis at Ithaca College (Faculty Sponsor, Robert Sullivan)

Michael Rizk, Art History – Razing Cities: Syria’s Architectural Crisis(Faculty Sponsor, Nancy Brcak)

Humanities 2:
Courtney Leo, Anthropology - Walking Tour Ethnography: Drawing Connections between Ethnographic Methods and Street Art Tourism in London’s East End (Faculty Sponsor, Sue-Je Gage)

Humanities 3:
Ngan Tran, Economics - Economic Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) on the Vietnam Manufacturing Sector, with a Focus on the Textile and Footwear Industry (Faculty Sponsor, Shaianne Osterreich)

Sciences 1:
Emily Conklin, Biology - Evolution and Characterization of Vertebrate Neuropeptides (Faculty Sponsor, Ian Woods)

Sciences 2:
Samuel Lloyd, Mathematics - Approximation with Orthogonal Polynomials(Faculty Sponsor, Osman Yurekli)

Jonathan Smucker, Physics - Measuring the Temperature of the Ithaca College Magneto-Optical Trap (Faculty Sponsor, Bruce Thompson)

Awards for Poster Presentations

School of Humanities and Sciences:

Taylor Ford, Sociology - Non–Medical Use of Prescription ADHD Medication at Ithaca College (Faculty Sponsor, Stephen Sweet)

Danielle Bucior and Collette Piasecki-Masters, Biology - Plant Uptake of Heavy Metals from Bombing Sites on the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico(Faculty Sponsor, Susan Witherup)

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