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Our Focus is on a diverse education and individual growth.

The computing sciences programs at Ithaca College are designed to allow you to  pursue a diversity of interests.  Ithaca College students pursue a  rich mix of majors, including music and arts, business, science, and communications – and we encourage our own majors to take courses, and even to minor, in other areas; we believe that this breadth is vital in creating well-rounded individuals capable of integrating technical skills into any number of potential career choices.  Our faculty also reflect this breadth.  They come from academia, government, and industry, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Within our classrooms you will find a hands-on approach to learning: Our classes are small and there is ample opportunity for student-faculty interaction.  Our courses focus not only on the fundamentals of computing, but also on individual exploration and growth.  Many of our courses provide the opportunity to work on projects -- often as a member of a team.  In our capstone Senior Project course, for example, students select a topic of interest and work on projects under the direction of a faculty member.  Past projects have ranged from applied (implementing a business intelligence dashboard for the current capital campaign managed by the College’s Development Office) to research (exploring virtual reality as a therapy tool in collaboration with faculty from the Occupational Therapy Department.)

Our Programs

We believe that Computer Sciences should combine the intellectual challenge of a relatively new and evolving field with the excitement of mastering a rapidly changing and innovative technology. The computing majors at Ithaca College are designed to combine breadth in theoretical and practical computer science and depth in specialized areas.

In all of our programs you will master the fundamental concepts of computing, such as developing the problem-solving skills needed to create computer-based solutions to problems, understanding the structure and use of a programming languages and computer systems, and studying algorithms and data structures that are fundamental to computer science.

In Computer Science, our central focus is on both the fundamental issues of computing (algorithms; data structures; programming languages; computer architecture; software engineering) and the relationship between the human and the machine.  We continue to offer new and experimental courses that cover cutting edge issues in Computer Science.  Examples of courses taught over the past few years include Virtual Reality, Intelligent Systems, and Advanced Networking. Through our BS degree you can build depth in computing and science, while our BA degree offers more flexibility for students who wish to pursue majors or minors in other fields.

Our Emerging Media BS degree is a joint effort between the Computer Science Department and the Department of Television and Radio.  The degree combines core coursework in new media platforms and computer programming to provide students with a unique skill set in emerging media technologies.  The degree offers three concentrations: Media Computation, Media Design and Production, and Media Entrepreneurship.  Students interested in the Media Computation concentration should apply to the Computer Science Department.

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