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This section includes resources that may be helpful to ENVS and ENVS-affiliated faculty...



  • Vehicle request form is on line on Facilities/Transportation page – fill out as indicated, using below account number for class trips and listing ENVS Department Administrator as authorizing individual so s/he's emailed the info and can enter it into ENVS internal tracker.
  • Account number:  For non-class trips, check with ENVS Admin for account number.
  • Drivers: ENVS will create a database of eligicle ENVS student drivers. Encourage your students to take the safety class and have them notify ENVS Admin when they’ve passed the test!  Info on class is here; student drivers must be 21.



Over-rides are super-easy legwork involved for anyone! Just have student fill out the on-line form (on ENVS web site on right navbar - under picture of form! - or at H&S Dean/Documents/Student Forms) and email it to course instructor for approval. Instructor can email the form to ENVS Admin with an "okay" in lieu of signature and it will be processed by 6 pm the day it's received.


  1. Student submits CI proposal to ENVS Chair for approval BEFORE (!) beginning project. Here are details on CI requirements, and here's a link to the application form.
  2. Chair sends approved form to Dept Admin, who notifies student of approval and logs student's project into CI tracker
  3. Student completes immersion and submits report to Advisor, with a copy to Dept Admin for archives.
  4. Advisor notifies student and Dept Admin re: approval of submission
  5. Dept Admin enters completion info into tracker and notifies Registrar to update student's degree evaluation.



  • Summer Grants for Faculty Research - faculty
    Summer Grants for Faculty Research are intended to support post-terminal degree scholarly endeavors for full-time continuing Ithaca College faculty and faculty regularly employed on at least a half-time basis.  Awards provide approximately $3,000 in compensation for eight weeks of full-time research.  For summer 2013, proposals are due in the Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett Center, by Friday, February 15.  Guidelines and application form may be found at 

  • Instructional Development Fund - faculty
    IDF grants support direct course improvement as well as interdisciplinary projects.  Proposals are due in the Center for Faculty Excellence (Gannett 316) by November 15, February 15, and April 15.  Guidelines and application forms may be found at /cfe/. Dependent on the number of applications submitted, not all proposals may be funded, and funding may be restricted.  Priority will be given to individuals who have not received an IDF grant in the past two years.  Consideration will only be given to complete applications.  Please consult the checklist at the end of the proposal form. Proposers are encouraged to discuss rough drafts with an IDF Committee member.  A complete list of members can be found at /cfe/research/idfcommittee/.
  • H&S Educational Grant Initiative - faculty and students
    Deadline at end of September for projects taking place after Fall Break or in the spring.
    EGI awards support projects that enhance student learning. They can include course-based activities, faculty/student collaborations, event planning, and conference travel for students. Continuing this year: In order to support student presentations/participation at conferences, H&S Dean hashave established an "Easy Access Fund"; applications for EGI "Easy Access" Conference Travel are accepted on a rolling basis. We ask that students and/or faculty organizing student groups submit applications at least two weeks in advance of a conference, and allow 5-7 business days for processing. Details and forms are available at: /hs/awards_and_honors/awardsgrants/edugrants/
  • Fred L. Emerson Humanities Collaboration Award - students.
    Deadline is at the beginning of November.
    This scholarship is granted to meritorious H&S students who are eligible for financial aid to work directly with a member of the Humanities faculty in H&S on a collaborative scholarly project. Juniors and seniors are eligible to receive a stipend of $1,500 during the spring semester to devote time and attention to the work required to succeed in such scholarly projects. Details are available at: /hs/awards_and_honors/awardsgrants/emersoncollabawards/ .


If you plan to compensate (non-government only) a class speaker or field visit host, please (1) modify attached speaker agreement template as appropriate and mail or email to speaker well in advance. It includes information on filling out W-9 form, which ENVS admin must have in order to submit a request for an honorarium check. Also please give as much advance notice to ENVS admin as possible so that information can be entered into budget tracker proactively, and checks can be processed before speaker arrives on campus or field trip is scheduled.

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