Degree Requirements


Current Catalog:

The requirements for each of our degree programs can be found here (this takes you to the 2015-2016 undergraduate catalog prose for our requirements):

Click on this highlighted text to see the rest of the description of the history department in the undergraduate catalog, including policies on AP credit and Honors in History projects.


If you are already a student in the major, your course requirements are set at the moment you became a major -- a contract we make with you at that moment.  For those who became majors in Fall 2015 or after, the above requirements are the ones that apply to you. 


Requirements in Previous Catalog Years:

We change the major requirements over time, so for upper level students who have been majors for years, be sure to get the correct catalog for your requirements.  Click on the years below for the requirements.  For instance, if you became a History major in August of 2012, you would click on the "2012-2013" link below.

Degree requirements for the following degrees and catalog years:

History B.A.             

Social Studies Teaching Option, B.A.      

History Minor      


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