History Major

The History Major prepares students to excel in leadership positions in business and education as well as serving as an excellent path to careers in law. Employers are increasingly asking for more college graduates who are not merely trained in a narrow field, but who have learned the fundamental skills in critical thinking, communication, analysis, and writing that can lead to leadership roles and promotion. With the History Major, we train students not just for their first job, but to have the skills that will allow them to excel once they get that job: being the person in the office who continues to learn on the job, and the one with writing skills others seek out.

The major is flexible, rich in courses of broad interest, and rigorous, allowing students to make the most of their time in College. Many of our majors take history courses while immersing themselves in a semester of study abroad, and an increasing number of majors are adding to the breadth of their college experience by having an internship. We regularly have double majors in the program, and we urge our majors to expand their range by having a minor along with the History Major.

Degree Requirements:

Visit the catalog for courses as well as a description of the history department, including policies on AP credit and Honors in History.

Program requirements are set in the semester when you declare a major. For those who became majors in Fall 2016 or after, the above requirements are the ones that apply to you. Upper level students need to click on the years below for the requirements that apply to you. For instance, if you became a History major in August of 2012, you would click on the "2012-2013" link below: