The legal studies degree approaches the study of law not only from the legal viewpoint, but also academic viewpoints like philosophy, television/radio, culture, communications, sociology, and politics. Because of this unique course of study, this format is offered by few other undergraduate institutions.

We do not seek to provide students with the training you would receive in law school but upon graduation, students will have a unique and unusually balanced view of the law in American culture. For students who are planning to attend law school, this background provides a unique academic experience because it prepares them by setting a foundation in courses like Constitutional Law and Legal Research. It also provides a vantage point that many law schools will not present, and therefore, gives our students a unique view of law and legal process.

Students also find that they can easily major in legal studies in combination with other majors at the College. For example, students who choose legal studies as a major often double major in sociology, politics, and television-radio. Legal studies provides an excellent background for students wishing to pursue careers where understanding the foundations of the law is advantageous.

The Legal Studies major is open to all Ithaca College students in their freshmen and sophomore year. Many students who find the study of law interesting major in legal studies, even if they are not planning on matriculating at a law school. There are many different and interesting career paths available with a Legal Studies background, including working in the court systems, governmental agencies, in corporate legal departments and as researchers in various fields.


"The law is reason free from passion."