If you are planning on being a Legal Studies major, you will need to do a three credit internship at some point in your studies.This will provide you with invaluable insight into how law is practiced and will be excellent material for your resume when you are looking for a job or applying to law school.

Many internship options are available and our faculty and advisors will assist you in finding the internship that best suits your needs and interests. One possibility will be to find an internship in the Ithaca area which can be completed either during a regular semester or during the summer. If you will be at home for the summer, or in another area, it will also be possible to arrange an internship there. For students who are interested in taking part in an internship in London or Washington, D.C., Ithaca College has established programs in these areas, and will assist you in finding an internship in those locations.

Ithaca College London Center - Doing an internship in London, and pursuing classes in an international setting for a semester or summer will provide you with an invaluable international experience.

Ithaca College Washington Semester Program - Doing an internship in Washington D.C. and pursuing classes for a semester or summer in the political seat of the U.S. is also an opportunity for an invaluable experience.

Note: It may be possible to experience both the London and Washington programs if you plan far enough in advance and if your plan of study allows for it. Talk to your major advisor as soon as possible.