Which courses should I take for the ICC?

We offer many courses that give you a chance to explore some of the cool things you can do with math. Some of these courses satisfy the quantitative literacy requirement, while others satisfy Themes and Perspectives requirements.

Quantitative Literacy Courses

Math 144 (Stats for Business, Economics, and Management): Statistics are used frequently in the world of business and finance; this class will help you understand where these statistics come from and how to use them yourself. This class is targeted at students in the business school but will be useful for everyone!

Math 145 (Stats for Health/Life Sciences): Similar to Math 144, this class looks at statistics as it's used in the health, life, and natural sciences.

Math 155 (Basic Statistical Reasoning): Statistics are increasingly used in the news and on the internet. This class will help you make sense of all the stats. It's a little less technical than Math 144/145, so it's perfect for students looking for QL credit.

Math 163 (Numbers in Education): Introduces different quantitative methods that are used by different stakeholders (teachers, administrators, and policy makers) to make decisions related to education. Topics include the achievement gap in education and data-driven instruction.

Math 216 (Introduction to Mathematical Statistics): Statistics is one of the most powerful ways we have of drawing conclusions about the world we live in. This class will help you understand and use statistical tools and to investigate some of their mathematical underpinnings. This course is offered every fall semester.

Themes and Perspectives Courses

Math 153 (Mathematics as Cultural Institution): What is the role of mathematics in our world? What does infinity really mean? How small is small? Questions like this (and many more) are explored in this course. We explore what mathematics means to us as individuals and as a culture. Themes: Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation; World of Systems. Perspective: Social Science

Math 161 (Math and Society): How does we manage credit card debt or choose the right loan? How do we share a cake in a fair way? These questions and many more in this course show us how mathematics helps us function as a society. Themes: Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation; World of Systems. Perspective: Social Science

Capstone and Writing Intensive Courses

Math 498 (Capstone Experience I): For math majors, this course satisfies the Writing Intensive and Capstone requirement for the ICC.

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