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Math Placement Exam

All entering students must take the Math Placement Exam.  Incoming first-year and transfer students can access the online test at  

For students who did not take the exam prior to orientation or those who want to retake the Math Placement exam; the exam is typically administered twice each semester, once at the beginning at the semester and once during the advance registration period mid-way through the semester. Students can register for the Math Placement Exam by contacting Arlene Dende at (607) 274-3107 or via e-mail at  The next Math Placement Exam  is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at 5:30 PM in Williams Hall room 310.  Note: You may only retake the math placement exam once.

Placement Group

Based on the results of the exam, students are initially assigned to one of the four placement groups. This determines where they can enter the mathematics curriculum. Students can move from one group to another as follows:

Group 4: The student must take MATH 10000 before any other mathematics course. Passing MATH 10000  with a C- or better qualifies the student to take courses with a group 3 prerequisite.

Group 3: The student may take mathematics courses MATH 10400, MATH 10500,  MATH 10700, MATH 11000, and MATH 15500. Completion of MATH 10400, MATH 10700, MATH 11000, or with a C- or better qualifies the student to take courses with a group 2 prerequisite.

Group 2: The student may take MATH 10800, MATH 11000, MATH 14400, MATH 14500, and MATH 16100 as well as any course that a group 3 student may take. Students are encouraged to take one of the courses listed here. Completion of MATH 11000 with a C- or better qualifies the student to take courses with a group 1 prerequisite.

Group 1: The student may take any course in the mathematics offerings other than MATH 10000, MATH 10700, MATH 11000, and MATH 18000, provided the course prerequisites are met. Students in group 1 are encouraged to take courses with group 1 or group 2 prerequisites.



Mathematics Placement Exam Guide

Sample Mathematics Placement Exam Questions

Sample Math Placement Exam Questions with solutions

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