Giovanna Rivero's Young Adult Novel Receives Special Recognition in Bolivia

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Giovanna Rivero, has received special recognition for her literary work, Lo más oscuro del bosque.

The Bolivian Academy of Children's and Young Adult Literature has selected Rivero's young adult novel for recognition as one of the most significant contributions to young adult literature in Bolivia.

The novel, whose young protagonist is a rapper, engages with the issue of bipolar disorder. Rivero chose to have her main character communicate complex issues through rap as the genre allows for wordplay and an ease of expression that is unmatched by other musical genres.

Giovanna Rivero is an Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. She has published novels and numerous short stories. Among her publications are Las bestias, La dueña de nuestros sueños, Sangre dulce, Helena 2022, Para comerte mejor, Noventa y ocho segundos sin sombra, and Lo más oscuro del bosque.