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Here's a brief synopsis of what's going on this week in regards to Physics... and beyond.

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Monday Feb. 6:

Tuesday Feb. 7:

Physics Department Spring 2012 Seminar Series

12:10 pm in CNS 204

Luke Keller, Ithaca College Department of Physics, gives a talk called "From Big Bang to Big Rip: The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics"

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, Adam G. Riess

"...for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae". I will describe the relevant astrophysical theories and observations and describe the work that the prize winners did to determine the ultimate fate of our universe. The level of my talk will be for the general public, though I will throw in a few details for the physics students in the room.

Pizza and Refreshments will be available for $1. Please bring your own cup. Remember to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.


Wednesday Feb. 8:

Thursday Feb. 9:

Friday Feb. 10:


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