2010-11 London Faculty Sabbatical Recipients

Submitted on behalf of Dean Tanya R. Saunders, Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies.

I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010-11 London faculty sabbaticals. Michael Rogers is recommended for the Fall 2010 semester while Anna Larsen is recommended for Spring 2011.


Michael Rogers is an associate professor of physics and a 2005-06 excellence in teaching award recipient. At the London Center, Dr. Rogers proposes to teach a course on “Archaeological Geophysics: Non-invasive Investigations of Archaeology Sites.”

Anna Larsen, associate professor of chemistry, proposes to teach “Chemistry as a Humanity” at the Ithaca College London Center. Dr. Larsen has taught a number of science courses for non-science majors. Her interest in highlighting the connections between the humanities and the natural sciences will enrich the experience of Spring 2011 London Center students.


Please join me in congratulating professors Michael Rogers and Anna Larsen of the School of Humanities and Sciences. I look forward to welcoming them to the Ithaca College London Center.

Originally published in Intercom: 2010-11 London Faculty Sabbatical Recipients.

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