Seminar Series

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has an active seminar series where members of our community meet twice a month to learn about current physics research, to watch student presentations about their research at Ithaca College, and to hear updates about faculty research. The Physics Seminar Series is usually held on Tuesdays from 12:10 pm to 1 pm with snacks and drink being provided by the physics department.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy also hosts the annual Physics Café. The Physics Café is a campus-wide lecture series sponsored by the Physics and Astronomy Department of Ithaca College. The idea is to grab and hold the attention of science and non-science majors by offering talks on exciting and accessible current topics in physics. Past Café lectures have featured the time-warping properties of black holes, the exploration of planet Mars, the communication of elephants, and remote sensing of archaeological sites. The talks are presented in a café environment, where coffee is served and students and physicists can informally discuss new ideas.

Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Schedule: SPRING 2017

All seminars will be held on Tuesdays in CNS 204 or 206B at 12:10 (unless otherwise indicated)
Pizza and refreshments will be available for $1
Remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Please bring your own cup.

Jan 24
Summer Research meeting

Jan 31
Brendan Mullan:
NTEN Candidate Interview Talk

Feb 2
Ben Geller:
NTEN Candidate Interview Talk

Feb 7
NTEN Candidate Interview Talk

Feb 21
Beth Clark Joseph
O-Rex Update

Mar 7
Student Summer Research Talks

Mar 21
Scott Franklin SUNY Oswego

Apr 4
Matt Sullivan:
The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics

Apr 18
TENTATIVE Student Summer Research

May 2
TENTATIVE Women in Physics speaker